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Rachel, United States

Docip is a truly wonderful organization, intent on creating a better, more understanding world. They are a team of dedicated, compassionate and talented professionals who are driven to make change. My time with Docip opened my eyes to the ongoing issues within Indigenous communities across the globe, and to the good work that is being done by this organization. I became involved with Docip as a translator for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues that was held in 2015; stationed in the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, I was fortunate to work with top linguists from a variety of professional backgrounds, and to enter into meaningful discussions with Indigenous members from various communities. The experience was both enriching and informative, and the close bond between the Docip team and communities members became very apparent from my first day with the organization. It was a pleasure to see such important work taking place, and to be a part of the Docip community in helping to make positive change. I look forward to working with Docip in the future, and to supporting their efforts in providing quality services for the Indigenous Peoples across the globe.