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Volunteer networkCommitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas

Volunteer network

Commitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas
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To commit as a Docip volunteer is to enjoy a rich professional and personal experience, in direct connection with the indigenous delegates, at the heart of the United Nations. Docip welcomes volunteers from around the world, and offers them a unique and satisfying opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to support the indigenous delegates during U.N. Conferences, or at our office in Geneva, through many various activities

Volunteering at the U.N. during international conferences:

1. The technical secretariats: Docip establishes technical secretariats to support the indigenous delegates during the various international conferences, such as the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (New-York), the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Geneva), the Human Rights Council (Geneva), the Forum on Business and Human Rights (Geneva) and the Intergovernmental Committee of the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva). The technical secretariats offer various services to the indigenous delegates:

  • Provide assistance for any information requests
  • Put the indigenous delegates in touch with one another
  • Provide a translation and interpretation service for side events, working meetings (caucus), the declarations or other documents
  • Provide a space and office services for the delegates, enabling them to hold meetings and use computers, printers and photocopiers

Profiles sought:

  • German>English/French/Spanish/Russian translators.
  • German>English/French/Spanish/Russian interpreters.
  • Volunteers to assist the indigenous delegates in procedural areas (administrative support, photocopies, logistical support, etc.)

2. Documentation Services: the main documentary mission of Docip is to collect the declarations of the indigenous delegates that are made during the international conferences, to archive them, and to publish them online. The documentation center also performs documentary research, upon the request of the indigenous representatives or Docip partners.

Main tasks:

  • Collect the actions/declarations from the conference rooms, then index and archive them so they can be published online on Docip's internet site.

3. The Docip publications: supply exhaustive, continuous, impartial and neutral information on indigenous issues at an international level. They are mainly issued in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Russian, so as to make the information as accessible as possible.

Main tasks:

  • Produce detailed notes during the conferences (mainly in English), which will then serve as sources for the various Docip publications.

Ad-hoc volunteering at the Geneva office:

1. The memory and oral history project: of Docip, which aims to document the history of the indigenous movement at an international and regional level, mainly on the basis of video interviews of past indigenous delegates performed by young delegates. This project also aims to safeguard and promote their oral cultures, their traditional knowledge, and their cultural transmission.

Main tasks:

  • Re-transcribe video interview(s) of the memory and oral history project done by indigenous young people, in English or in Spanish, following a protocol that will be provided
  • Scan and document a collection of photographic archives

2. Documentation Center : Docip has a physical documentation center that contains several specialized works on indigenous themes, as well as publications and monographs.

Main tasks:

  • Sorting and archiving documents

Join the Docip Volunteer Network

  • Are you worried about indigenous issues and would you like to support them?
  • Are you at ease in working in a very dynamic and international work environment like the United Nations?
  • Would you like to be involved in an NGO that works at an international level, that brings together and supports indigenous delegates from all parts of the world?

Then you are welcome to join our team of volunteers!

How do you become a volunteer?

Sign up now by contacting us via email at volunteers(at)

Docip applies certain conditions and prerequisites to its volunteer activities:

  1. Docip cannot financially reimburse the volunteers.
  2. Docip does not write visa letters for entry into the Shengen zone and the United States.
  3. Docip requires that its volunteers speak French or English.

Click on the boxes at the bottom of the page to read volunteer testimonies.

Internship at Docip

We also offer internships during the year, depending on the requirements of our associates in the following areas:

1. Technical Secretariat

Main tasks:

  • Assist the organization of technical secretariats during the international conferences.
  • Assist the coordinator in the preparation of files (prepare budgets).
  • Draft communication and information documents.
  • Provide administrative and logistical support, especially for the organization of a meeting.
  • Provide support in the accounting area, (preparing invoices, quotes, certificates).
  • Manage and develop volunteer teams.

2. Train the trainer

Main tasks:

  • Assist in the organization and rollout of training workshops (travel and accommodation of participants, logistical support),

Required skills:

  • Mastery of traditional computer tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Oral and written master of French, English (Spanish and Russian are added assets).
  • Bachelor or Masters level in the following fields: international studies, languages, translation, interpretation, social and human sciences, or confirmed experience in event management.

Docip applies certain conditions and prerequisites to its interns:

  1. Docip cannot financially reimburse interns.
  2. Docip does not write visa letters for entry into the Shengen zone.

Apply via this link by completing the second part of our form.



Sarah, United States

Working with the DOCIP documentation team was a wonderful experience. To not only interact with people all around the world in a friendly environment, but to assist them and communicate in several different languages
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José Luis, Mexique

La calidad humana de los colaboradores y voluntarios que asisten al Docip es encomiable. Siempre existió un ambiente de camaradería, de personas que aunque apenas conocía se sentían como amistades de antaño.
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Travailler pour le Docip a été une expérience extrêmement enrichissante pour moi, tant sur les plans personnels que professionnels. J'y ai fait la connaissance de gens dévoués, qui croient à la pleine participation des peuples autochtones aux discussions des enjeux contemporains importants.
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Виктория, Россия

Благодаря работе волонтером я познакомилась с замечательными людьми – сотрудниками ДОСИП и коллегами-переводчиками из разных университетов мира.
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