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Technical secretariatA space provided by Docip to indigenous delegates during international conferences

Technical secretariat

A space provided by Docip to indigenous delegates during international conferences

To be a Docip volunteer involves putting one’s skills at the service of indigenous delegates during their participation in the UN arena.

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Translation and interpretation

Translation and interpretation services are offered free of charge in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Russian). During the conferences, our volunteer professionals are available to translate your intervention. It is also possible to obtain translations of posters for your side events or to request a translation of an intervention that interests you. Our professional interpreters are available for informal meetings, caucus meetings, meetings of other indigenous groups, and side events.

Back office and information

Our secretariat provides you with free on-site access to computers, printers, copiers, a scanner, a phone, fax service, and IT services. Docip also makes available copies of its publications (Update, Agenda, summary documents), various scientific articles and the legal doctrine related to the current conference themes. In addition, in order to encourage use of our Documentation Center, before the various international conferences on Indigenous Peoples, Docip circulates a list of bibliographical references with relevant links to facilitate indigenous delegates’ preparation for these events.