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Our services-solutionsWorking closely with Indigenous Peoples in support of their work at the international level

Our services-solutions

Working closely with Indigenous Peoples in support of their work at the international level

To be a Docip volunteer involves putting one’s skills at the service of indigenous delegates during their participation in the UN arena.

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Our database contains all the interventions collected from indigenous delegates and other non-indigenous international or government actors during international conferences over the past 40 years. You will also find here a collection of monographs, periodicals, historical documents, training materials and more! Read more ...

This involves ad hoc assistance provided during international meetings at the United Nations on Indigenous Peoples, including the UNPFII, the EMRIP, meetings of treaty bodies and of the Universal Periodic Review (e.g., logistical information, information on UN international mechanisms, documentation research, research on funding and more). Read more ...

To enhance knowledge of the international processes concerning Indigenous Peoples. This is an opportunity to participate in a 15-day training period in Geneva (Switzerland), where the ultimate objective is the transfer of capacities in one’s local community. We also have a training session on UN international mechanisms during the UNPFII and the EMRIP, which is offered in conjunction with the United Nations Voluntary Fund on Indigenous Peoples. Read more ...

The Docip Office in Brussels fulfils the same missions as the centre in Geneva. It aims in assisting indigenous delegates in their relations with the EU institutions. Read more ...

OUr services at the EU

The dissemination of information is a key mandate for Docip. Our information service aims to provide Indigenous Peoples with recent and relevant data for their work at the international level. The disseminated information is also available to civil society actors and non-indigenous international actors. We produce and circulate our information in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Russian). This mainly involves mass emails distributed throughout our international network, news posted on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), and the publication of our Agenda, Update and summary documents. Docip also manages important information before and during the international conferences for Indigenous Peoples by putting at the disposal of indigenous delegates documents related to the subjects addressed at the meetings. Read more ...