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Our StaffMeet the members of Docip and of its governing bodies

Our Staff

Meet the members of Docip and of its governing bodies

To be a Docip volunteer involves putting one’s skills at the service of indigenous delegates during their participation in the UN arena.

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Docip Staff

The Docip Team is made up of dynamic individuals with diverse origins and professional backgrounds, who have, over the last several years, become professionally and personally experienced not only in the promotion and defence of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, but also in the areas of project management, financial management, etc.


Position: Director
Studies: Management Sciences, Finance 
Experience: more than 10 years of experience in the humanitarian and development fields in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean in positions responsible for a particular geographical area or as country representative for various NGOs 
Languages: French, English, intermediate level in Spanish and in Haitian Creole, basic level in Russian 
Contact: remi.orsier(at) 


Position: Technical Secretariat Coordinator
Studies: B.A in International Relations and Trade, Master’s in development studies 
Experience: Work experience in Mexico, France, Panama, Lebanon, Switzerland and throughout the Caribbean. Humanitarian experience in projects assessments, grants writing and editing with NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies. Academic experience as Director of the International Relations Undergraduate Program in Tec de Monterrey University, in Mexico.  
Languages: Spanish (mother tongue), French (bilingual), English (advanced)
Contact: lorena.white(at)


Position: Representative at the EU
Studies: Lawyer specialized in human rights
Experience: Adviser of a member of the European Parliament responsible for human rights issues (notably Indigenous Peoples) from 2010 to 2012. Expert of the European Commission in indigenous consultations during the UNPFII in 2015.
Languages: French and English
Contact: mathias.wuidar(at)


Position : UN Advocacy Officer
Studies: Lawyer specialized in human rights and international criminal law
Experience: Practice in human rights and international criminal law including cases before the International Criminal Court and the Extraordinary Chambers before the Courts of Cambodia. Experience with international organizations, UN committees, I/NGOs and law firms.
Languages: French, English, Spanish and Creole
Contact: ac.lagrandcourt(at)


Position: Administrative and Accounting Officer
Studies: Education Sciences, ASFORI (Association Romande pour la Formation des Responsables d’Institutions d’utilité publique)
Experience: 5 years of experience as a volunteer and training manager in the field of development in Cameroon. 12 years of experience as manager of reception centers for asylum seekers in Geneva. 15 years of experience at Docip including 4 years as coordinator of technical secretariats and 12 years as head of accounting and administration. 3 years of experience in an accounting firm. President, then member of the bureau and committee of the Albanian University of Geneva.
Languages: French, English, Spanish (understanding)
Contact: michel.riat(at)


Position: In charge of information broadcasting and the agenda. In charge of online services.
Studies: Anthropoloy, Information and Communication Technologies
Experience: Working with Docip and Indigenous Peoples at the UN. Information and communication projects with Yanomami and Tupinambá in Brazil.
Languages: German, French, English, Portuguese
Contact: pascal.angst(at)


Position : Executive Assistant
Studies: Political Science, International Relations, Military History
Experience: Volunteering in various NGOs in Colombia active in conflict resolution and meditation through sport. Experience in writing reports on the reintegration and rehabilitation in Central Asia of women and children associated with extremist movements.
Languages: French, German, English and Spanish
Contact: tristan.harnisch(at)


Position: Coordinator of the 100th anniversary of Deskaheh's visit
Studies: Art History
Experience: Expertise in indigenous art history, colonial collections and new museology. 12 years' experience in exhibition and publishing projects, and research for museums, universities, research centers, indigenous cultural centers and international NGOs in Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Neuchâtel, Fribourg) and Canada (Montreal, Quebec).  
Languages: French, English and Italian
Contact: sara.petrella(at)  

Members of the Docip Bureau

The Docip Bureau is a composed of Foundation Board members who are mandated to do a follow-up of the Foundation activities with the Director. It is therefore a link between the Foundation Board and the Director. Some of its members have several years of professional or personal experience on the field with Indigenous Peoples, others have an expertise is financial or organisational management in various sectors.

Pierrette Birraux : Docip Bureau Member; scientific director from 1990 to 2013

Sabine Kradolfer : Docip Bureau Member (president of the Bureau)

Benoît Lécorché: Docip Bureau Member

Geneviève Piron : Docip Bureau Member  


Members of the Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is the highest decision-making body of Docip, and it is responsible for issues related to financial resources and legal matters. Board members have a keen interest in indigenous issues and, during the course of their professional careers, have acquired various competencies that facilitate Docip's good management.

René Longet : Chairman of the Foundation Board

Aline Helg : Vice President of the Foundation Board

Claude Béglé : Member of the Foundation Board

Pierrette Birraux : Member of the Foundation Board

Pierre Cariage : Member of the Foundation Board

Irène Hirt : Member of the Foundation Board

Sabine Kradolfer : Member of the Foundation Board

Benoît Lécorché : Member of the Foundation Board

Jean Martin : Member of the Foundation Board 

Geneviève Piron : Member of the Foundation Board