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Volunteer networkCommitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas

Volunteer network

Commitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas

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Without the contribution of our volunteers-often translators or interpreters as well as university students-Docip could not carry out all of its projects. We thank all the volunteers who have assisted us over the years, as well as those who continue to do so. During our technical secretariats, more than 30 volunteers support us in our work. They act as translators, interpreters, office assistants, documentation assistants, etc.

Volunteering for Docip offers a valuable personal and professional experience working alongside indigenous delegates at the United Nations. Docip provides students and motivated professionals from various countries around the world with unique opportunities to volunteer, whether on a short- or long-term basis, either on-site or by e-mail, during international conferences on indigenous issues held in Geneva and New York. Volunteers put into practice their knowledge and experience to provide logistical support to indigenous delegations coming from all corners of the planet. They also acquire new skills while growing both personally and professionally.

Depending on our needs, we call for:

  • - translators TO and FROM English, Spanish, French and Russian;
  • - interpreters TO and FROM English, Spanish, French and Russian;
  • - help desk staff for technical support and assistance with transporting and installing our computers during the conferences;
  • - people willing to help indigenous delegates change their plane tickets or perform other similar administrative tasks;
  • - people willing to make photocopies for delegates during the conferences;
  • - people to gather interventions in the conference room and process them for our archives, including categorizing and uploading the documents to our website; and
  • - volunteers for missions such as accompanying indigenous delegates around the city or to international organizations.

How can you get involved?

Sign up at left for a rewarding experience or contact us for more information.

Is there financial compensation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to contribute financially to expenses related to transportation or accommodation of volunteers. However, a small lunch allowance is provided each day to volunteers working onsite during the conferences.

What does Docip expect from its volunteers?

On the registration form distributed before each conference, we ask volunteers to indicate their availability by a certain deadline in order to facilitate the establishment of a schedule.

Once a volunteer agrees to participate in a technical secretariat, he/she has a moral obligation to abide by his/her commitment.

Withdrawals and last-minute schedule changes significantly complicate the organization of our secretariat. The work of indigenous delegates in pursuit of respect for their rights also depends on your commitment!

Any schedule change should be communicated prior to the beginning of the event.

What does Docip offer to its volunteers?

Docip's technical secretariats are not only workplaces involving strictly professional relationships among colleagues; they are also welcoming places of interchange that often create and sustain real friendships. They offer volunteers an unforgettable experience within the United Nations alongside indigenous delegates from the four corners of the world.

At the end of the technical secretariat, a certificate can be provided to the volunteer acknowledging the volunteer's participation for the entire length of the secretariat.

Click on the boxes below to read or listen to the testimonials of some of our volunteers



Sarah, United States

Working with the DOCIP documentation team was a wonderful experience. To not only interact with people all around the world in a friendly environment, but to assist them and communicate in several different languages
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José Luis, Mexique

La calidad humana de los colaboradores y voluntarios que asisten al Docip es encomiable. Siempre existió un ambiente de camaradería, de personas que aunque apenas conocía se sentían como amistades de antaño.
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Travailler pour le Docip a été une expérience extrêmement enrichissante pour moi, tant sur les plans personnels que professionnels. J'y ai fait la connaissance de gens dévoués, qui croient à la pleine participation des peuples autochtones aux discussions des enjeux contemporains importants.
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Виктория, Россия

Благодаря работе волонтером я познакомилась с замечательными людьми – сотрудниками ДОСИП и коллегами-переводчиками из разных университетов мира.
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