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Cynthia, Canada

As a translator for Docip, I had the great privilege to work closely with international indigenous delegates as well as with a talented international group of volunteers. This experience was a real springboard, professionally and personally. A month before I volunteered with Docip, I was pleased to do the National Model United Nations, and here I was, a few weeks after, back in New York City, to be a part of the real work done at the UN. I was not playing the role of a delegate anymore; I was doing everything I could to support real indigenous delegates to understand each other and to work together towards a true project that would impact real people’s lives. I will always remember coming in the General Assembly and witnessing incredibly strong people gathering to defend and protect their rights as Indigenous peoples. I felt useful sharing my knowledge for different languages with delegates. I felt empowered by the wisdom, love, courage and humility of many people I encountered. I felt inspired to come back home and find ways to continue on this journey that I felt had just started. From that on, I’ve followed my passion and I’ve been nothing but blessed. This experience with Docip was one of this moment in life where you actually feel that all dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursuit them. Thank you Docip, thank you to everyone I met along the way, I will always be grateful towards you. Meegwetch.