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Chrystal, Canada

As a member of the translation team at Docip for over four year, I have experienced firsthand the joys of contributing to Indigenous Peoples on a global scale. My time as a volunteer has been the reason that today I am more involved in human rights issues and in volunteering with civil youth organizations in my country. Helping to meet the needs of indigenous delegates has not only inspired me, but it has also enabled me to improve my skills as a translator and writer- broadening my horizons and unearthing a true passion for service. My association with like-minded professionals, indigenous representatives and staff at Docip has been the beginning of a genuine commitment to actively seek ways to create opportunities for change for the less fortunate and abused.

An integral part of the work of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues has been to provide delegates and interest groups with the tools that they need to effectively contribute to the decision-making process. To accomplish this they rely heavily on Docip’s invaluable source of support in the area of information and documentation. This makes the opportunity to be a part of Docip all the more worthwhile, as volunteers gain experience in contributing to the important work of the United Nations. As an experience that has fueled my desire to work more in the area of human rights, I consider my time with Docip as a training ground for my future in the field of international translation and documentation.