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НовостиБудьте ежедневно в курсе новостей, затрагивающих коренные народы: конференции, документация, международные процессы, дебаты, и т.д.


Будьте ежедневно в курсе новостей, затрагивающих коренные народы: конференции, документация, международные процессы, дебаты, и т.д.

Быть волонтером ДОСИПа - это использовать свои знания и навыки для помощи представителям коренных народов во время их участия в мероприятиях ООН.


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Будьте в курсе новостей, затрагивающих коренные народы. Подпишитесь на нашу новостную рассылку!

Apply for an internship with Docip - open positions in 2018


Docip is a proud member of the initiative We Pay Our Interns:
The stipend for a full-time internship is CHF 800 a month.


Fundraiser - International Cooperation (80%)


ASAP for 6 months.


As part of the Docip Institutional Development Program and more specifically the fundraising and partnerships, we are looking for a Fundraising intern.

Missions - the following missions are carried out under the supervision of the Chargé de Mission:

  • Support the Chargé de Mission to find the necessary funds for Docip's services,
  • Prepare request files and presentations (concept note, logical framework and budget)
  • Research and analyze potential partners and alternative sources of funding.
  • Organize promotion activities of the Docip collection inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage register in 2017.
  • Produce communication and promotion materials of Docip services.
  • Contribute to commemorative events of the 40th anniversary of Docip.


  • Law, finance, communication, history or anthropology background
  • Experience in Event Organization
  • High degree of autonomy.
  • Excellent command of English and/or good knowledge of French (spoken and written) and good knowledge of Spanish.
  • Good computer skills (MS Office, excel, et ) and knowledge of Piktochart, prezi, etc.
  • Interests on indigenous Peoples rights




Web development and graphical design (100%)


From May 2018, 2 months.


Docip is seeking a talented Web Developer and graphic designer,to develop an oral history Web platform developed on the basis of an open source CMS platform "Mukurtu" built with indigenous communities to manage and share digital cultural heritage. This role is expected to enhance usability and design of the current oral history platform with practical web development and graphical abilities.


  • Demonstrated experience with CMS management systems – Drupal
  • Knowledge of responsive web design fundamental
  • Knowledge of web accessibility standard
  • Fluent in English
  • Spanish an asset





Training and logistics (50%, 100% in November)


1 July to 21 December 2018.


Assist the training coordinator with all logistics in preparation for a training of three weeks in Geneva, for example: organization of flights, visas, collection of documents, insurance, interpretation, translation, and contacting potential trainers. The intern attends the three-week training in November (full-time) and will also have opportunities to learn different subjects, for example: how the UN functions (and can attend some UN meetings with our group); the situation of indigenous peoples; human rights; humanitarian law; gender, and more.


Recently graduated with business degree or logistics, or other relevant subject. Has: a good sense of organization, attention to detail, works well independently or in a team, fluent in English and Spanish (essential), is interested in human rights, and is open to cultural exchanges with indigenous peoples in mutual respect.