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Testimonials of our volunteersCommitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas

Testimonials of our volunteers

Commitment and professionalism on behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the UN and European arenas
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Claudinei, Spain

The best part of Docip is, without a doubt, the people you will meet and help – their smiles, faces and the cause they fight for.
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Elizabeth, Canada

I learned a lot about indigenous issues in different regions, the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People, and the resilience of these people to ensure that their rights are respected.
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Виктория, Россия

Благодаря работе волонтером я познакомилась с замечательными людьми – сотрудниками ДОСИП и коллегами-переводчиками из разных университетов мира.



Maria, Chile

En lo personal, el estar en contacto con miembros de comunidades Indígenas de diferentes partes del mundo me permitió saber más acerca de sus epistemología y formas de conocimiento, lo que sin duda me enriqueció como persona.
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José Luis, Mexique

La calidad humana de los colaboradores y voluntarios que asisten al Docip es encomiable. Siempre existió un ambiente de camaradería, de personas que aunque apenas conocía se sentían como amistades de antaño.
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Chrystal, Canada

Helping to meet the needs of indigenous delegates has not only inspired me, but it has also enabled me to improve my skills as a translator and writer- broadening my horizons and unearthing a true passion for service.
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Rachel, Canada

DoCip is a truly wonderful organization, intent on creating a better, more understanding world. They are a team of dedicated, compassionate and talented professionals who are driven to make change.
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Cynthia, Canada

I felt useful sharing my knowledge for different languages with delegates. I felt empowered by the wisdom, love, courage and humility of many people I encountered.
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Susanna, United States

Aside from having the privilege of meeting and working with many wonderful people over the years, my perspective on the world has changed based on what I’ve learned from Indigenous Peoples and their work at the U.N.
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Sarah, United States

Working with the DOCIP documentation team was a wonderful experience. To not only interact with people all around the world in a friendly environment, but to assist them and communicate in several different languages
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Nicolas, Canada

Travailler pour le Docip a été une expérience extrêmement enrichissante pour moi, tant sur les plans personnels que professionnels. J'y ai fait la connaissance de gens dévoués, qui croient à la pleine participation des peuples autochtones aux discussions des enjeux contemporains importants.
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