IRDN with doCip: Indigenous Thesaurus of Human Rights Terms

This thesaurus has been created in English and translated into Spanish, French and Russian. There are two versions of the thesaurus:

  1. An alphabetical list with 2153 keywords
  2. A list of 16 categories with 561 sub-categories.

It is likely that there will be future changes to the thesaurus' present form. It is envisaged that it will be updated and revised, regarding structure and terminology as well as in respect to translations.

The Thesaurus' Conceptors

This work has been created and directed by Anastasia Pinto from CORE (Centre for Organisation, Research and Education) of North-East India. It has been realised by Justin Imam, from INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) in the State of Jharkhand, India, with the collaboration of Estebancio Castro, a Kuna from Panamá from IITC (International indian Treaty Council). It has been translated by Virginia Alimonda, Inês Hidalgo, Frédérick Kermisch and Natalia Tikhonov, doCip's collaborators. General co-ordination and revision of the French translation, Pierrette Birraux, doCip's scientific director.


This thesaurus would not have seen the light of day without the financial support of the European Union and the Direction to Development and Cooperation of Switzerland. We warmly thank them for their support.